Great news! ChatGPT from OpenAI has received a super slick update. Now, you can also bring different smart friends into your chats using the ‘@’ sign. It’s a bit like having clever friends who know what’s going on in your talk. Let’s get into the details, figure out who is eligible to use this feature, and what OpenAI has in store for the future.

Adding Smart Friends to Chats

Picture this: You go on and on, and at some point you need a clever opinion or an interesting fact. Simply type ‘@’ and select a smart friend (GPT) to join the conversation. These smart friends understand the whole talk completely, and this makes your chats much more interesting and enjoyable. It is a small modification, but it brings much fun into your ordinary dialogues!

Who Gets to Have Fun

Chat GPT

This is the fact – as of this point in time, only paying OpenAI customers have access to this functionality. Don’t be alarmed if you are not of that group; it could be your turn later. OpenAI is taking this conservative approach to ensure all works out, and everyone can enjoy the new feature.

The GPT Store and Making Things Exciting

OpenAI recently opened their version of a GPT store – it’s kind of like an app store on your phone. In this store, there are all kinds of intelligent GPTs made by other users. The nice idea is to pay money for those who develop such smart friends so they will share them. However, before it does that, OpenAI wants more people to be a part of this excitement and become happy about these smart buddies.

Current Challenges

Let’s do a quick number check – just about 2.7 percent of people coming to OpenAI’s website are looking at these intelligent allies. Also, there is a slight decline in the interest. OpenAI knows they must first create more demand for these smart pals before mentioning turning them into a business. In other words, it invites more friends to the party.

Understanding Smart Pals (GPTs)

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These smart friends, GPTs, are kind of customized ChatGPTs created by users for fulfilling specific tasks. These are digital friends who surf the internet, read graphics (thanks to DALL-E), and they can even run code. If you are some sort of a tech guru, then they can be trained to learn new tricks using APIs which makes them useful for all sorts of cool stuff.


So, there you have it! What is so special about the newest ChatGPT feature is that it makes your chats more entertaining and playful. Although you may not be able to test it out at the moment, OpenAI has some promising developments ahead. The more people get on board and find out how amazing these smart buddies are, the cooler things we will see happening around messages. Watch out for more fun and surprises!