Work from home data entry jobs. Working data entry jobs from home gives you the freedom to be your boss and make your work schedule.

If you’re interested in legitimate work-from-home jobs, you might consider taking on data entry jobs from home. Most people pursue this type of work to supplement income or work from home part-time. Working from home allows you to take control of your work schedule and become financially independent if you’re willing to work hard. Although scams do exist, you can find plenty of legitimate data entry opportunities if you take the time to research job ads.

If you decide to take on a data entry job, be prepared for repetitive work and long hours. Job duties usually involve entering recorded company data into a database or typing Internet advertisements. Depending on your education and skills, this type of job can include other tasks, including virtual assistant duties.

Data Entry Jobs at Home Pay

According to, the average salary for an experienced office-based data entry clerk is about $24,700, and $19,000 for a starting salary. But, of course, the amount of money you’re going to make depends on your skills and the amount of work you can produce.

You can accept jobs on a contract basis or work for an actual employer. Most people complete these types of work from home as independent contractors, which means you accept assignments on a contract basis, and you are responsible for paying self-employment taxes on your income.

Unless you’re a seasoned and experienced data entry clerk, you may fall into the lower end of the salary in the beginning. You could try out different jobs to find one you’re happy with. Ignore unrealistic ads promising big money. While those flashy ads look tempting, most of them are scams. It is possible to work data entry jobs from home and earn as much as $300 per day, but you can realistically expect to earn under $200 per day.

What are the Requirements for Working Data Entry Jobs from Home?

You should have data entry experience. Some companies do not require previous experience, but if you want to find legitimate gigs that pay well, you should have experience under your belt. In addition, fast typing skills are required to keep up with assignments and meet deadlines.

Companies may require those working these home-based jobs to have certain Internet connections, such as DSL or a cable modem. Companies may also demand a certain operating system.

You will need to buy some basic office supplies, and depending on the nature of the job at hand, you might even need a fax machine. In addition, employers usually require the applicant to pass a typing test to get hired for a data entry job. If you lack typing speed, take advantage of a free typing test online to brush up on your typing skills.

It would help if you had an office in your home or a separate secluded room to avoid distraction from family and noise. To complete assignments efficiently and make the most money, your family should respect your working hours and not distract you. Working from home might be a great option, but it’s still a job, and you cannot be distracted when it’s time to work and make money. Data entry work is also tedious and involves sitting down throughout the entire workday.

Apply for Data Entry Jobs from Home

Finding legitimate data entry jobs requires patience and research. However, the advancement of the Internet has paved the way for excellent work-from-home opportunities. While there are scams, legitimate companies are looking to hire qualified people to work from home. The best way to find legitimate data entry jobs is to access free job websites and blogs.

By typing up your professional resume and cover letter, stay ahead of the competition. Market yourself online by posting your resume on job boards and job blogs. Find work from home data entry jobs on other sites such as freelancer websites and website review sites. Search for available jobs offline by checking the newspaper. Visit businesses in your town that may be willing to hire someone for freelance data entry work.